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Calmwater Spa


Welcome to The Calmwater Spa 

Calmwater Spa invites you to come and leave behind the stresses of your daily life. Whether you crave the tranquil state of being, evoked by our Signature Swedish massage, or a more therapeutic approach, with our Deep Tissue massage, that will help you relieve your body of old aches and pains, and release chronic patterns of stress. Our masseuses have a myriad of techniques to help you escape into euphoria.

Massage Therapy Treatments 

Calmwater Signature Massage: Indulge yourself in one of the most common and widely used forms of massage therapy. Your relaxing Swedish Massage uses a variety of massage therapy techniques specifically designed to relax tense muscles, increase oxygen flow throughout your body and release built up toxins in your muscles. This massage not only feels good, it also promotes heath and an over-all sense of well-being.

Calmwater Signature Massage: 60 minutes $80 / 90 minutes $115 

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage: This massage technique focuses on the deeper layers of the muscular tissue. It aims to release chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow gliding strokes and deep finger pressure on contracted areas of the body. Deep Tissue Massage is both corrective and therapeutic. Perfect for the golfer, swimmer, tennis player, or anyone experiencing chronic pain.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage: 45 minutes $75 / 60 minutes $95 / 90 minutes $130 

Aromatherapy: Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit while you enjoy the effects of this aromatic massage. Your choice of essential oils are used to enhance your massage experience by incorporating the sense of smell as the therapist provides you with a gentle Swedish Massage. Choose your own scent!

Aromatherapy: $10 / Paraffin $10

La Stone Therapy: Basalt Stones are heated to a comfortable temperature and placed on specific areas of the body to release tension, as the therapist gently glides warm stones over your muscles to increase blood flow and achieve a state of relaxation.

La Stone Therapy: 75 minutes $120 / 90 minutes $135 

Chair/Seated Massage: Chair Massage is a quick and easy way for you to enjoy the benefits of a massage. There is no need to remove any clothing and lubrication is not used. You are seated in a specialized massage chair where the therapist can properly focus on your major areas of stress...neck, shoulders and back. For those that have never had a massage or are not comfortable receiving a table massage this is the massage for you! Chair Massage is often used in offices for those tired employees that need a quick pick me up or great to use at a sporting event to keep the athletes up to par.

Chair/Seated Massage: 15-20 minutes $1 per minute 


Spa Etiquette & Considerations 

Appointments: It is recommended that you schedule appointments as soon as possible and well in advance. Guests under 18 years old who wish to receive spa services must be accompanied by an adult.

Arrival: Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your first treatment. This will allow for proper check in and completion of necessary forms. We regret that late arrivals may not receive the full appointment time.

What to Wear: Lockers, robes, slippers, towels, and amenities are provided by the spa. Please secure your valuables in your locker. We are not responsible for lost items. Robe, slippers, and towels are intended for use while at the spa, if you do not return the items at the end of your treatment you will be billed accordingly.

Cancellation Policy: In order to best accommodate all members we require a 24 hour advanced notification of cancellations and changes. Failure to notify the spa of a cancellation or change will result in a full charge of your scheduled treatment.

Spa Access: The Calmwater Spa at the Lakeside Village Center is available to active members, guests of those members and Peninsula rental guests only.
Cell Phones/Pagers: Our goal is to provide you with a quiet atmosphere. In order to do so please turn off all cell phones and pagers before you enter the spa.

 The Peninsula Golf & Country Club Calmwater Spa at The Lakeside Village Center 32981 Peninsula Esplanade Millsboro, DE 19966 

Call 302.945.8140 to schedule your appointment today!